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  • 25/11/2019 - Tove Pharo Ronde 0 Comments
    Popquiz with Finn Bjelke - the name dispute is finally over


    Finally, the name despute between NRK and Bauer Media / Radio Vinyl is over.

    Read the article here:
    https: // -...

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  • 25/11/2019 - Tove Pharo Ronde 0 Comments
    Three names for Fintech Innovaton

    We have developed THREE names for Fintech Innovation over time; MONIFAIR, NEONOMICS and ETERNIC.

    May 2018
    MONIFAIR is a new type of bank that offers customers free international money transfers, affordable credit and complete overview and control of their own finances. Money + Fair is exactly what you want to promote - an honest and trusting bank that gives you new and good benefits.

    December 2018
    NEONOMICS: Your Open Banking Navigator. A new movement of payments and data by connecting thousands of banks through one API.

    Neonomics is a name that tells most about innovation and commitment. NEO is Latin and means NEW, and the ending NOMICS refers to ECONOMICS and together this makes a positive word meaning NEW ECONOMY.

    November 2018
    ETERNIC: The global economy is advancing rapidly. Is your global payments system ready? Meet the demand for real-time cross border payments and settlement with Eternic. The floating solution for global payments and settlement.

    Eternic is an exciting, short name that promises a lot. The name refers to eternity - and enduring values that are important in this context; an improved settlement system for the banking industry . These values also show stability and speed, and, of course, economic justice and security. Eternity is easy to understand, pronounce and remember in most languages.

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  • 25/11/2019 - Tove Pharo Ronde 0 Comments
    KINOLT from Belgium

    September 2019

    This is KINOLT:

    "Our company was founded as Euro-Diesel in 1989 by a team of innovative engineers; specialists in critical power systems. A great deal has changed since then! We have evolved into a global partner securing ‘infinite’ power for businesses and industries across the globe from Hong Kong to Santiago de Chile, Frankfurt to Singapore.One thing that will never change - start to finish - we are responsible for the Dynamic UPS solutions we offer and the commitments we make. As you navigate our new website, you will see why our customer base keeps growing. So, whether you are a potential customer, a business partner, or a future employee, we look forward to finding out how we can work together!"

    Kinolt refers to kinetic and volt, - values that points to the company`s core value, and industry. Kinolt is short and direct, easy to pronounce and have no negative meanings in any of the countries where the name should be launched.

    The name is developed in cooperation with SDG Oslo and McCann Copenhagen.

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  • 25/11/2019 - Tove Pharo Ronde 0 Comments
    Trust CREDON!

    July 2019

    CREDON is a total contractor who designs and builds housing, business and public buildings. CREDON guides you through the entire phase, from start to finish, it ensures an efficient, safe and profitable construction project for the best for you and our planet.

    Credon is solid, heavy and strong - a name you will notice. Credon is derived from the Latin word "credo" which means "credibility". Credon thus means "I believe in", and in this case, this indicates to a company there is reason to trust, a company that is precise, solid, honest and reliable. Credon is masculine and heavy, and thus fits well with a company in the building and construction industry.
    Visit CREDON at

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  • 25/11/2019 - Tove Pharo Ronde 0 Comments
    Say hello to CONSIO!

    December 2018

    Team Data has long used the name Focus on its member system. Now the name has been changed - for various reasons - to CONSIO.

    Initially, the word refers to "concise" which means clear, solid, concentrated and correct. We also find the word "consistent" in Consio, which in turn is a synonym of the word "completed". These very positive meanings tell us about a solution-oriented, reliable and competent product. It also refers to being able to assist the customer from A to Å/Z - all the way in a skilled and consistent way. The words consistent and implemented reflect being methodical, systematic, thorough and binding. In addition, the word Consio also reflects the concept, which is important in this context. Visit Team Data and Consio at

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  • 25/11/2019 - Tove Pharo Ronde 0 Comments
    New names!

    Not all names will fit in the "carousel" on our opening page, but we would still like to present our pride!

    November 2018
    One of the newly launched names we have developed is EMPET, - a nationwide animal clinic chain - previously called Dyreklinikkene. The phrase "em" naturally refers to empathy and thus also care, and the last syllable "pet" refers to our pets. In addition, the name also refers to "empiricism" which is also positive.

    Empet refers to the love of our animals/pets, and valuable experience in the "industry", values that are most important in this context.
    EmPet is short and relatively simple, easy to perceive, pronounce and remember.

    The name is developed in cooperation with Plot Marketing AS.

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  • 15/04/2019 - Tove Pharo Ronde 0 Comments
    We've got a new website!

    August 2016

    We have launched our new website. We are very proud and pleased to have modernized our website and hope of course you also like what you see!

    The new page is developed by The Good Guys AS.

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