About NameAbrand

Are there still words that are not used in names? Sure! But prepare to dig deep. Or let's do it for you.

We have solid expertise in branding, and actively use this knowledge in all creative name development processes. This is how we achieve faster with good, positioning and recordable names. The process is becoming less expensive compared to non-specialized agencies such as advertising and design agencies.

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Who are we?

Tove Pharo Ronde sitt profilbilde

Tove Pharo Ronde

CEO/Word Artist

  920 42 499


Lars Bæk sitt profilbilde

Lars Bæk

Word Artist

Frederic Moger sitt profilbilde

Frederic Moger

Word Artist

Espen Jørgensen sitt profilbilde

Espen Jørgensen

Word Artist

Miriam Hole sitt profilbilde

Miriam Hole

Word Artist

Per Kaarby sitt profilbilde

Per Kaarby

Word Artist

Kristin Kjærheim Astrup sitt profilbilde

Kristin Kjærheim Astrup

Trademark Attorney

Felix Reimers sitt profilbilde

Felix Reimers

Trademark Attorney

Espen Berg sitt profilbilde

Espen Berg

Brand-/Culture Builder

Helene Skjelten Ligeti sitt profilbilde

Helene Skjelten Ligeti

Freelance Designer