What is expected of a name?

A name is often built around a set of emotional values; the core values you have chosen for the company, product or concept. The name should be unique and exciting in relation to the competitor's, and make it possible to build a new and powerful name or brand using strategic marketing communication.

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Easy to understand

The name should lie well in the mouth purely phonetically. This also makes it easier to understand.


Easy to remember

If the name becomes too complicated to read and perceive, it also becomes painful to remember.


Have character

The name should have a distinctive character and stand out in relation to its competitors.


Phonetically easy to pronounce in the relevant languages

The name must sound good in the language to be used. Czech word construction, for example, works poorly in the Norwegian market.


The name must have emotional and rational characteristics

The core values are the brand's emotional traits and personality traits that best describe the brand, and to which the business or product is associated. The rational values describe the brand's rational content.


Function internationally

If the name is also to be marketed outside Norway's borders, it is important that it can also be pronounced in other languages. If the name becomes "strange" it can be difficult for international contacts to remember and perceive the name.


Work well visually

The name should not only sound good, but also look good. Spreading letters may seem untidy, just as high letters as o's and e-mails work well together. Here it can be safe to get a designer's statement.


Work as a trademark

By this we mean that the name must have the distinctive character that is needed to fulfill the trademark law requirements for registration as a word mark. This again means that the name must not be directly descriptive for the product or the company, nor does it indicate quality.


The name must have character and stand out from its competitors

A name should have distinctive character and arouse the consumer's attention - and not just be a name similar to that of everyone else.