We are proud to be able to present another reference from NameAbrand!
HYDEPOINT refers to "hydrogen + centre/point - in the center for tomorrow's energy solutions".
Moreld, Arendal's Fossekompani and Kongsberg are joining forces to develop a combined offshore transformer station and hydrogen factory.
Hydepoint will contribute to solving several challenges related to the development and scaling up of offshore wind power.
"Hydepoint is a complete solution for receiving, converting and transferring the entire energy potential from offshore wind farms, with reduced dependence on the onshore power grid. Located in the sea, close to wind farms, Hydepoint can convert all or part of the energy into hydrogen. This will reduce the need to scale up the power grid both on land and on land, explains Morten Henriksen, executive director of Arendal's Fossekompani".


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