Three names for Fintech Innovaton

We have developed THREE names for Fintech Innovation over time; MONIFAIR, NEONOMICS and ETERNIC.

May 2018
MONIFAIR is a new type of bank that offers customers free international money transfers, affordable credit and complete overview and control of their own finances. Money + Fair is exactly what you want to promote - an honest and trusting bank that gives you new and good benefits.

December 2018
NEONOMICS: Your Open Banking Navigator. A new movement of payments and data by connecting thousands of banks through one API.

Neonomics is a name that tells most about innovation and commitment. NEO is Latin and means NEW, and the ending NOMICS refers to ECONOMICS and together this makes a positive word meaning NEW ECONOMY.

November 2018
ETERNIC: The global economy is advancing rapidly. Is your global payments system ready? Meet the demand for real-time cross border payments and settlement with Eternic. The floating solution for global payments and settlement.

Eternic is an exciting, short name that promises a lot. The name refers to eternity - and enduring values that are important in this context; an improved settlement system for the banking industry . These values also show stability and speed, and, of course, economic justice and security. Eternity is easy to understand, pronounce and remember in most languages.


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